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Being Love Workshop

Are you happy with your relationships? Would you like to discover how to relate with yourself and others lovingly, honestly and authentically? Check out our Being Love Workshop: an online course.

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VedamRather than a traditional "About Me" page, I would much rather use this time (yours and mine) more productively and share with you my approach and the philosophies that I use to be with, and move through, life with grace and ease (while having a tremendous amount of fun along the way). The story that has brought me to this point is truly irrelevant but what is relevant is the fact that I am here now. I so enjoy being in the Now and want to share those concepts that have supported me to simply be me. My hope and desire is that you be you; the best you that you can be and to live honestly, authentically and lovingly, just the way the Divine intended.

There are some common threads to my teachings. These teachings are a combination of philosophies, taken from Eastern Philosophy, Basic Psychology and Quantum Physics. (Quantum theory is the basis of modern physics that explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.) The blending of these concepts and philosophies leads to one basic philosophy: the concept of "Oneness." Therefore, we will look at "Oneness" and how that can look.

The dictionary defines Oneness as the quality of being united into one. However, the definition does not describe the impact of this concept when embraced as a living foundation that operates with you throughout your life. Oneness is the knowingness that everything and everyone is interconnected and what we do to ourselves, we also do to others. Living in Oneness is living beyond judgment, blame, or shame; but rather acceptance, ownership and love. Oneness is the on-going agreement with yourself to love unconditionally, to accept everyone, and to live the desire to leave a place better than you found it!

I am a FIRM believer that part of a person's awakening happens because of an understanding of how the mind is created, how it operates, and then beginning to work with it that rather than being worked by it. The mind is a DIVINE TOOL, a tool that we can use to support us on this journey, but until you begin to see the mind for what it is, trouble will remain a constant part of your life.

I would not be where I am today without meditation. Meditation reduces stress, builds the immune system, and allows you to experience a greater sense of well-being. Meditation also allows you to observe what is happening within your thought processes, to observe those thoughts and then pick and choose which thoughts we would like to entertain.

Meditation, being based in the principle of acceptance, also allows you to stop engaging in the victor/victim, superior/inferior, win/loss and me against them mentality. When this behavior subsides, you will begin to operate in and through life differently. You will not be governed by fear, and this ultimately has an effect on your well-being as well. You may begin a meditation practice simply to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally, but as time goes by, you will begin to notice even more changes inside you. The thought processes that created the old behavior seem to disappear and life begins to look and feel better. Meditation also reminds us of the significance of focus and how that can benefit you and your life. When you have a clear and clean focus, you become the master of the ship known as the mind. When you become the master of this ship, then you can direct this ship into any port you wish. This is the act known as "Conscious Participation and Conscious Creation."

"Conscious Participation and Conscious Creation" means to actively support the Universe to create for you and with you a life that is living in Oneness as well as having all of your dreams come true, all at the same time.

Oneness is not a philosophy but rather a lifestyle. Oneness is an understanding that we all come from One Source (irrespective of what you may call this Source), and we are united as Spiritual Beings, regardless of our perceptions of separateness. Human and social conditionings have created a division between races, religions, sects and social statuses that have supported our humanness to believe that we are separate, that my God is better than your God, that I am better than you or that I am less than you. It has created a society that is separated between the 'have' and the 'have-nots.' This belief system ultimately leads us toward war, conflict, power struggles and fighting. Like oil and water, the concepts of Oneness and the belief in separation cannot mix, no matter how hard you attempt to make them do so.

It is our human, conditioned mind that creates this belief in lack, separation, superiority or inferiority. When you begin to embrace the truths found in the principles of Oneness, all fighting, struggles and conflicts seem to fade away into what was. You begin to understand that fighting of any kind is futile, simply because you realize that you are only fighting with yourself.

Allowing these understandings to have their natural effect on your life, you can learn how to live harmoniously. You begin to play well with others while enjoying life as well as being enthusiastic about life and its unfolding. Also these understandings allow you to move into a place of acceptance of what is and to transcend our belief in human limitations, requirements and conditionings.

My philosophies and teachings will definitely support you to have and use the psychological and spiritual tools for relating to yourself and others in a new way: openly, lovingly, and authentically.