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Free From The Past

I have been a life coach for more than a decade. Over the years, the hardest issue for most people has been their past. Their past haunts them in one way or another. Sometimes it's memories of childhood traumas or abuse that haunt them. Sometimes it is just the way their childhood conditionings are having unwanted effects on their present. Either way, the past keeps forcing itself into present situations. My desire is to help you process the past, and also accept the past. Then you can experience your present without the ghosts of the past. I want to assist you to "answer the call of the moment." I want to assist you to live in Awareness, liberated from the past, and knowing your spiritual heritage of freedom.

We are born with a mind like a blank sponge. It is ready to absorb everything it comes into contact with. The mind records each moment, as it is happening, but it is not an unbiased recording. The mind records based on the mood, perspective, and outlook you have as the situation occurs. It doesn't just record each situation. It also files these memories with other memories it has labeled as similar. These memories or files can be building blocks or stumbling blocks as we move through our present situations. Sometimes the present moment gets obscured or distorted by the mind. This happens because these memories become a lens that we look through to see our present. The lens obscures the moment and often robs you of the beauty of the moment. This also robs you of the ability to truly answer the call of the moment and to be all that you can be.

The past is 1% fact and 99% story. This is true for us as individuals and as communities and societies. The stories we tell about our past are determined by our conscious and unconscious desires, and our reasons or purposes for telling the stories. What we think and say about our past is greatly influenced by our thoughts in the present. Once you are able to see that truth, you can then begin the process of self liberation.

Freedom from your past, or at least liberation from it, is available to you. It is your birthright, but you must allow it to occur. Being free from the past allows you to wake up each morning and truly experience a new day. Being free from the past allows you to actually see the beauty, and taste the deliciousness of each new moment. Being free from the past also allows you to create the type of future you truly wish to live. When you are free from your past, you can create your life with joy rather than simply trying to avoid things that happened in the past. What an amazing freedom that is! However, being free from the past comes with a cost.

Being free from your past doesn't mean that you wipe the slate clean, or wipe the past from your memory. It also doesn't mean that you have the ability to change it, drop it, or do much of anything else with it. Being free from the past means that you realize the past is done. You realize the past is little more than a collection of stories. Being free from the past simply means you realize that this moment is much more precious and important than any memory or story about a past experience. You realize that you have this moment and only this moment to live, to experience God, and to experience your own divinity. God is in each moment. Your divinity is in each moment. Why let stories of the people, places and things in your past keep you from experiencing your divinity? Why share this moment with a dead past when you can instead share it with God?

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