Each and every one of you is born perfect. You are Divine, and you are born being all that you can be.

You are born being all that you can be, but over time something happens. Over time you begin to be conditioned. The thinking mind begins to be developed by perceiving and judging the situations that occur, and the conditionings that happen. You are taught how to think, how to react, how to judge, and you are taught how to look at life. As this occurs, the child begins to develop a personality, and an ego. This process happens naturally to everyone, but in many situations, what we are taught hinders us from being all that we can be.

Be All That I Can Be is dedicated to the principles, practices, and philosophies that I use in life coaching clients. These will assist you to liberate yourself from the past and the fearful thoughts about the future. Then you can begin to experience the freedom from which you were born.

Self-help, self-improvement, and personal development are popular topics. There are many classes, books, and websites devoted to them. However, there is one key to personal development. The key is knowing how to be aware. With awareness, you can be free of your limitations. You can honestly say “Yes, I am being all that I can be!”

Each of you is born from the Divinity, and you will return to that same Divinity; between those two points, we call that ‘Life.’ How you experience and express yourself in life is up to you, it is a choice. Can you honestly say, ‘Yes, I Am Being All That I Can Be?’

Come in and take a look for yourself...

Vedam Clementi

Be All That You Can Be