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Now Is All I Have

As you embark upon your journey of being all that you can be, there are a few things that you must remember: 1) Everything is perfect just as it is, and 2) You only have this moment.

It is more than just saying the words, “everything is perfect just as it is;” it is KNOWING that, embracing that, and starting from there. As you know this truth, there is no resistance to what is directly in front of you. There is no conflict with this moment, and you are experiencing peace in the moment. When you can have the Awareness that all is well and perfect regardless of any circumstances, you are living a life free of judgments, labels, and you are not engaged in the normal power and control games of the mind. When you know the perfection of the moment, you are then able to build or create strictly from a desire to experience more, rather than building from a place of judgment, fear, or in an attempt to avoid or change something.

You only have this moment NOW; start there. BE HERE NOW! And, if not now, when?

Yes, we are beings that can plan, build, plant, create, etc. We have a mind to use; however, there is more to life than just using your mind to do those things. There is beauty in each moment, and life is about experiencing that beauty, being with that beauty. It is about living in that beauty. There is perfection in each moment. How often do you see the perfection of each moment as it unfolds?

There is ‘Is-ness’ in each moment. It simply is. The moment is ever changing, ever evolving, and constantly unfolding. The judgment and the labeling are added by you; more specifically, they are added by the thinking, conditioned mind, and your participation with it. As you participate with the labels and the judgments, you are limiting yourself, not to mention the moment at hand. The thinking, conditioned mind can and often will contaminate the moment. The mind categorizes each moment, each experience, and as the mind does this, it creates ‘time-frames.’ These time-frames do not and cannot encompass the ever-changing moment of NOW! Words, commentaries, and explanations cannot encompass the Now; actually, they tend to rob the deliciousness of the Now.

The moment of Now is free from time frames. Time does not exist in the Now. Time only exists on your clocks, your calendars, and inside your mind.

I understand for some of you this timelessness concept may be hard to comprehend. I understand you have been conditioned and trained to buy into the concept of time, and you have been conditioned and trained to spend your days participating with your thoughts, with time, with endeavors, and attempts to get somewhere besides where you are now. This is no way to live! In Life Coaching, I ask clients to begin to see time for what it is (a mental concept), and to begin to use time rather than being used by it. As I said in an earlier paragraph, you can use time to plan, build and create the life you wish to live; however, do not spend so much time there that it robs you of being with a moment as it arises and unfolds.

It is only your conditioned, thinking mind that labels or judges something as bad or negative. It is only your conditioned, thinking mind that stamps a moment in time as a problem. I also want to make another very prominent point. The conditioned, thinking mind does those things (labels, judges, condemns, etc) naturally; it is futile to try to stop it. What I want you to begin to do is train yourself to stop participating as those types of thoughts arise; just observe those judgmental, labeling thoughts, and simply be.

Time is a man-made, mind-based concept. Yes, relating to the mind, there is a past, present and future but the past is done and cannot be changed. The future has not arrived, and will not ever get here. The present is what is, the present is Now, and now is all you have. Be present with it, be total with it, be authentic in it, and KNOW THAT NOW IS ALL YOU HAVE!

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now is all i have