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What Does It Mean To Be All That I Can Be?

Are you being all that you can be or are you selling yourself short? Are you giving in to the negative thoughts of the mind? Are you giving in because you think things cannot be any different, or do you think it would take too much effort to truly change all that you wish to change? Are you overwhelmed, or think there is just too much water under the bridge? You may even think that you cannot be all that you can be because of outside forces such as the economy, your job, your relationships, or your responsibilities.

To 'Be All That I Can Be' means to live a life that is liberated from the conditioned, thinking, limiting mind. It means realizing that you are not the mind nor its thoughts. It means to live beyond the mind. It means that you understand the mind, and how it works, and you use the mind consciously. You see it (the mind) holding onto the past, judging the present, and either avoiding something about the future, or hoping something comes to pass in the future. You see the mind, and its activities, but yet you understand it for what it is, and go on about your life.

As you are being all that you can be, you see the ego. You see the ego/mind does what the ego/mind does naturally, and you begin to see the self-destructive qualities and patterns of the ego drop away as they are recognized. You begin to tap into the true source of your power, and begin to use that power to be all that you can be.

To be all that you can be means that you stop settling for less, and yet accept what is in the present moment at the same time. You are not adversarial with the present moment; you are accepting of the past for it has brought you to this place, and you begin to create from right where you are standing.

Being all that you can be means that you are aware of clock-time. Being all that you can be means you are aware that time is also part of the illusion of life. Being all that you can be means you understand everything comes in time. Being all that you can be means you also know there is a natural gestation period to everything, and you are okay with the time that it takes. In being all that you can be, you nurture the natural gestation period, you nurture the evolutionary process of each thing you encounter. Being all that you can be means you are okay with taking baby steps, and you push yourself all at the same time. In being all that you can be, you know when to push, when to pull, and when to sit down, shut up, and do nothing. In being all that you can be, you honor self, love self and nurture self. In being all that you can be, you live in Oneness with all beings, and life is delicious. In being all that you can be there is balance. In being all that you can be, you dance between the physical and non-physical, the seen and the unseen. In being all that you can be, you see the illusions of life, and you know that the illusion is being cast from your own mind, and you do not buy into it as being real. In being all that you can be, you understand the physicality of the body, the power of the mind, and honor Spirit and the Awareness that arises out of it.

Each one of us comes into life with a mind like a blank sponge, ready to soak up everything it comes in contact with. The mind records each moment; however, it does not record it in its purity. The mind records based upon your present mood, past perspectives, and projections about tomorrow. Not only does the mind record every situation, but it files these memories away with other memories that the mind has labelled as being similar. These memories, these files become building blocks that may support you in life or they may hinder you along the way. The mind is an incredible tool, but until Self Awareness is brought into everyday experiences, the mind can be a jail sentence without parole.

Each moment is a new moment. It may include another moment, but each moment is new, complete and total. However, because you have been conditioned to participate with most thoughts, the mind contaminates the moment with its memories of the past or ideas about the future. You are either adding a new chapter to an existing story you have told yourself, or you may begin a whole new 'story of your life.' Either way, you recognize it is a story nonetheless.

Each moment is complete. Be here now. Be all that you can be by seeing the mind for what it is, using the mind very purposefully and intentionally, meanwhile living a life that is free from the limitations that arise naturally with the mind.

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What does it mean to be all that I can be